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Samuel Northup was born in 1756 in N. Kingston, R.I., the child of Stephen Northup and Sarah Roberts .

Samuel Northup died on 16 Nov 1819 in Otego, Otsego Co., NY.
Buried on Ansel Judd Farm Cemetery

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Samuel Northup Family

Children of Samuel Northup

Stephen Northup B. abt 1781; N. Kingston, R.I. Before the War of 1812, Stephen was a sailor on the high seas.
George T. Northup B. 16 July 1784; N. Kingston, R.I. M. Wealthy Tracy (b. 26 December 1788; d. 20 December 1844) 28 February 1811 D. 02 October 1871
Robert Northup B. abt 1786; N. Kingston, R.I. M. Hannah Brimmer (b. abt 1810) abt 1830
Benedict Northup B. abt 1788 Moved to Addison, N.Y.